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» Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Something really strange has happened outside.

It's nearly noon and it's cool. Well, not cool the way I like it, but it's 76°F, cloudy, and there's a light breeze. Just got back from mandatory safety class and it was a shame to have to come in, especially after the hot, stuffy room we were in. The weather has a different feel today, like the almost pleasantly warm days we get after the equinox. Boy, that would be a real fantasy, to have weather like this for the rest of the summer—ain't gonna happen, though, but nice to daydream about.

I wish it would at least be like this for DragonCon; would make trudging between hotels much easier. (At some point—we hope—we will know how much trudging we will need to do, since here it is 16 days till the start of the convention and they still haven't posted the schedule online. Surely its finalized by now.)

Checking out the guest list: didn't know Jerry Doyle was on tap. Miss listening to his radio show. The creator of the comic "Sluggy Freelance," one of James' favorites, is scheduled to be there. Oh, and Andy Runton; I believe there's a new Owly book out and I can get it autographed.

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