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» Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Workus Interrupttus
I've just finished the one order I've been working on all morning. It was ready to go. I put all the information into the database, then "built" the order (you press a button and it fills in alà mail merge). There are then other things that you have to fill out, like the contact, etc., and also take out, like the second page, and finally it's done.

You press the little "feet" button to complete it. (The programmers, in their infinite wisdom, thought of the feet to match with a little neumonic, "beat feet." Get it? You "beat feet" to exit the document. A nice big red square "SAVE" would have been sensible, but no, we got cutesy.)

Except it doesn't save, gives me a message that it couldn't save because I wasn't attached to the server, and the recover feature pops up a blank page. I closed the application, reopened, built and annotated again. Same message. Hm. Let me try a third time, but doing it a little differently.

After the third time it lost it I said screw it and rebooted. I probably should have done this at first, but this computer is so freaking slow—yesterday it took me fifteen minutes just to get to the log-on prompt—that I hate rebooting. (I'm spoiled by the computer James built me, which, now with WindowsXP, boots in less than 30 seconds.) This time it built and saved flawlessly, but we were interrupted by a Shelter-in-Place drill (think of it as Duck and Cover for the 21st century and not much more secure) followed by a fire drill out to a parking lot buzzing with mosquitoes. I took my book and was relatively content—and had a lovely blue-lacewinged dragonfly land on my book page as a bit of lagniappe.

At least Windows isn't nagging me to do Updates like it was yesterday...