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» Friday, August 22, 2008
Sleep, Shop and Spell
The body tells you when to sleep. Usually on my day off I get up about 9:30, but this morning I gaped at the clock to discover it was almost eleven. Of course, considering I didn't get more than five hours sleep any night last week, I expect it was inevitable, plus we need to be up early tomorrow for Hair Day anyway, so I had better get in my Zs while I could.

This morning was the inevitable monthly trip to WalMart. They were rooting up the store again and I couldn't find a few things, but I did find some whole wheat pasta and mint pudding on clearance as well as the rest of the things I needed for DragonCon. Also stopped for gas (woot! $3.479!) and briefly at Hobby Lobby for something to finish a craft project. Then I came home for the rest of the afternoon to continue work on another project.

I took Wil out for a walk very late (so late that James arrived home on our way back in the house). We are getting the tail end of the winds from tropical storm Fay and there was a lively breeze outside; it almost felt like spring or early fall! We were even able to drive to dinner and then home with the windows down. We had salad and soup at Sweet Tomatoes for supper, bought a few things at JoAnn, and stopped by Borders on the way home. Hurrah! The first of the fall magazines is out!—the autumn copy of Vermont Life. Wonderful autumn leafiness inside. :-)

Incidentally, I can't get over how many leaves are scattered around our yard (not to mention next door on either side). We have had brown and yellow leaves drifting down for days now, and the effect is like early fall. It isn't one particular tree; the large tree near the fence has a scattering of yellow leaves and one of the maples near the grass line also has changing leaves right at the top. Not sure where the brown leaves are coming from.