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» Sunday, August 24, 2008
Rumblings in the Hills
My dubbing project came to an abrupt end when one of those edge storms from the remnants of Fay came tumbling into the area. It knocked off the power just as I was in the middle of "Day of Infamy" from The Waltons, and, for good measure, killed my DVR of the McBride movie, Dogged. Thankfully I already had a copy; I was just hoping for a better one.

James picked up supper at Fresh2Order and we originally sat watching a Wild Kingdom about prairie dogs and bison, until another of those Fay-spawned storms barged in and killed the signal. We put on RTN and lo and behold they are running The Hardy Boys (the one from the 1970s with Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy). It was funny because 7 p.m. Sunday was the show's original timeslot. Plus this was followed by Voyagers!, also originally in a Sunday night timeslot, but an hour later since two programs could hardly exist in the same hour. This was "Cleo and the Babe," but I kept switching back and forth between RTN and NBC and abandoned the former when Closing Ceremonies began.

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