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» Saturday, August 16, 2008
Quiet Saturday
Our Saturday mornings at the Farmer's Market are about to come to a close. Several of the vendors were talking about the fact that the Market ends on the 30th. :-( One of the vendors was discussing with one of the customers that they were hoping to talk to the city about extending it. In the meantime, we're stuck.

So we bought the usual loaf of bread and a couple of other things for dessert during the week, plus some onions, then went to the butcher shop. We bought more fresh Italian sausage and James is trying some pork schnizel. It looks too highly seasoned, however, for me to try it.

Later we went up to the Borders at Town Center; the new British Country Living was out. I also found the sequel to Mrs. Mike on the bargain table. We stopped at JoAnn, then at Hobbytown, then worked our way down to the hobby shop. I was reading the sixth About Time book when Corley [owner of the store] asked if we had seen the season finale of Doctor Who yet. When we admitted we hadn't, he said, "Well, go home and watch it."

So we did. We stopped on the way home for Chinese and dropped off our plastic bag recycling at Publix while we waited. We were actually taking a chance on something, ordering from Dragon. We hadn't eaten there since I had the palpitations on the day before Independence Day last year, and I was afraid it had been the pork fried rice. But then I had been stressed out that day by software problems, and we still had the hordes of roaches from the contaminated bag of bird seed. So I was hoping it was just a combination of everything.

However, I did take steps to help it along (and be better for me). I divided the serving into half and sat both on some paper towels over a paper plate and put another paper towel over it, and let the paper towels soak up the oil for almost a half hour. I took my pill. I ate very, very slowly and had some French bread with it. I seem to be okay (cross fingers).

While we ate, we watched "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End," this year's Doctor Who finale. Russell Davies was supposed to pull out all the stops and he did. I enjoyed it, but I gotta say it...he wrote the biggest fargin' fanfic crossover ever.

Then I dubbed off the other two McBride movies from the DVR. Didn't look like much of Semper Fi was missing, thank God.

I am finishing off the evening by watching the recent Charlotte's Web film with Dakota Fanning. This movie looks beautiful and they used whole passages from the book. But I could have done without farting cows, fainting horses (Wilbur was the one who fainted, dummies), the henpecked gander, and those two awful, awful "crows from the 'hood" which were just as horrible as the crows in Dumbo for racial stereotypes. (I do have to admit I liked the sheep jokes, though. <g>) To make things worse, the crows were named after E.B. White (Elwyn and Brooks); he must have been turning in his grave.

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