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» Saturday, August 09, 2008
Plants and Purchases
Something absolutely astonishing happened this morning. We went to the Farmers Market with the A/C off and the truck windows down. We haven't been able to do that in months. It not only wasn't in the 90s already, but there was a breeze.

There was a sign on one of the booths that there were only three weeks of the market left. :-( I guess we're going to have to go directly to the bakery so I can get my baguette fix. I'm really going to miss this.

On the way back we stopped at Big Lots. I picked up a small pot and a small bag of some potting soil.

You see, a few weeks ago I rescued a plant outside Kroger. Actually, it was a coleus branch. Kroger was selling coleus and it looked like a perfectly good stem had fallen off a plant and was left in the middle of the sidewalk. So I brought it home and put it in water with a little MiracleGro in it to try and root it. Unfortunately I noticed late last Sunday that it had roots, and I usually don't shop anywhere during the week since I'm usually too bushed after work. I did stop at Dollar General on the way home Monday, but all they had were huge pots and huge bags of potting soil.

Unfortunately as I repotted it I noticed the stem has started to rot from being in water so long. Don't know if it will survive.

After having lunch we detoured to Goodwill to turn in all those DVD cases I emptied this week before going to the hobby shop. Everyone was talking about opening ceremonies last night. We stayed there quite a while. By the time we went to Hobby Lobby it was going on suppertime.

I'm afraid I was a bit bad at HL. I walked in and was struck by the fall decorations everywhere and nearly broke into "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"! (LOL...yeah, I know that's a Christmas song, but it's the way I feel about autumn.) I was lucky, however, that most of the things I bought were half price or 40 percent off. I got some small foil leaves to add to the "acorn" bowl I described yesterday, two resin Indian corn, a pumpkin with autumn leaves sketched on its surface, another pumpkin with a peculiar brushed gold/crackled surface, some blue C7 light bulbs for the candoliers, and a Christmas ornament as a gift.

We were going through one of the autumn decor aisles, and I was oohing-and-aahing, when I found a beautiful decoration consisting of "Welcome" worked in thick copper wire and hanging below and wrapped with wire, a turkey whose body was made of weathered copper shaped as a turkey body and tail feathers that were autumn-colored glass shaped as feathers. Wow, I said, I can get that with the 40 percent off coupon. Then James directed me to what was behind the turkey: the same copper wire "Welcome," but with a big maple leaf made of wire wrapped around orangy-red glass pieces suspended below! It is gorgeous. I put the turkey back and got that instead. A few minutes later I was passing by some of the sale signs. One said "50 percent off all glass with wire decoration." Wait. Glass maple leaf. Wire decoration. OMG! I saw James and called, "Go get me a turkey! They're on sale!" :-)

We had supper at Oriental Cafe, then went to BJ's for milk and the other necessities of life. While checking out I noticed that my Costco card seems to be missing. Bother.

Tonight we watched last week's Monk episode, the one about Natalie losing her head about being the lottery girl. I see we got stupid Randy again, and a rather simple whodunit. Following I put on the final episode of the first series of The Last Detective. As James commented, "A very melancholy show." Yes. Tis. Some familiar faces though: when the social worker spoke up, I thought she sounded familiar. She certainly was. It was Josette Simon, who played Dayna Mellanby on Blake's 7. In addition, the guest star was the famous British comedian Norman Wisdom, and two supporting characters were Flambards veterans: Sebastian Abineri (Dick Wright) as a disgruntled neighbor and Frank Mills (Fowler) as a World War II veteran.

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