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» Sunday, August 03, 2008
Man the Boats!
Incidentally, we did something very dangerous last night: we went in a bookstore.

I have to explain that we ate somewhere different last night, the Longhorn near Books-a-Million. Just so tired of eating at all the same places. We both came out with two lunches. There was a bloodmobile at Books-a-Million in conjunction with the release of Stephanie Meyer's last book in the "Twilight" series. I haven't read the books, but I gather they are something to do with a teenage girl and the boy she loves, who is a vampire. Our friends' daughters love the books. (Vampire romances in general seem popular of late; I see them scattered liberally through the romance books along with books about werewolves and shape-shifters in general.) There was a knot of young women waiting for the "book party" to begin.

On the way back I suggested we might stop at the Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway since it was on our route. Well, their "book debut" party started at ten and the moment we approached the store we were surrounded by mostly teenage girls (some teenage boys, which James observed, had expressions on their faces like "I'm only here because she wanted to come," although there were a couple dressed up). Many of the girls were in evening gowns. It was a little like being at a convention, except the store was awash in teenage estrogen. :-)

I won't complain, though. It's nice to have kids excited about reading books, instead of about Paris Hilton, Wiis or makeup.