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» Saturday, August 23, 2008
Make Someone Happy
Up early this morning to go to the farmer's market. We had to stock up on just about everything "vegetably," get a baguette for ourselves, and then one to take to Hair Day along with some tomato and basil cibatta and a tomato pesto flat loaf. Alex and Pat were making the main dish, a baked ziti and some meatballs, and Phyllis was bringing a tossed salad with vinagrette dressing, so we figured the Italian-themed breads would go well.

We made someone very happy today. Our friend Nancy has been wanting a laptop for such a long time and has been asking around if anyone had an old one they weren't using anymore. We warned her ours was rather slow and clunky and she said she didn't care, so we delivered it to her today, cleaned off, defragged, and with certain useful things on it. She was so happy! She opened it up immediately and started investigating what was on it and was still saying thank you when we left two hours later. Well, I hope she uses it in good health.

James went off to his meeting, I went back to my project, and also addressed some problems with the covers that I make for my self-recorded DVDs. Dull stuff but necessary. When James got in we went to Costco for milk and a few other things, then took the 30 percent off coupons we unexpectedly received (James answered a survey) and went to Borders. I was so excited last night when I found the first of the fall magazines, but Midwest Living was a really disappointment. Maybe Blue Ridge Country will be better. I've already received the autumn issue of Country, now I just have to wait for Country Extra. And Yankee, of course. I didn't find a book I wanted (don't faint <g>), but I did get something called "Scrabble Express."

We came home to spend some time with the fids. I was so busy most of the afternoon that poor Schuyler was just chirping forlornly, so tonight I set her cage next to me. She is fascinated by gadgets! I was working the remote, playing a couple of What's My Lines and The Name's the Same--one near-Christmas show had Mr. Gimbel and Mr. Straus (the actual owner of Macy's; Mr. Macy sold out his ownership in the mid 1800s). She was staring at the remote as if she were examining it through a microscope! Later on I played a YouTube video on the laptop and she was agog: "teevee" in two places!

Found something cute on television tonight—perfect thing to have on when you're not going to pay much attention to it. Animal Planet always has a "Puppy Bowl" the same day as the Super Bowl, with puppies romping around an area decorated like a football field. Well, tonight they were having "Puppy Games," puppies romping around different areas meant to emulate the Olympics. There was a small splashing pool, a "gymnastics" court, a soccer field, and a wrestling/boxing ring. Closing ceremonies, which I missed due to "unavoidable delay," was performed by kittens.

Oh, and speaking of making someone happy, DragonCon finally posted their darn schedule online. It wasn't linked on the main page, though; Ron knew where it was and sent us the link. Thanks, Ron!

(Not to mention the weather was wonderful today—well, for a summer day, anyway. We are getting the edge of the clouds from tropical storm Fay and it was overcast all day and never got over 80, with a nice stiff breeze coming in from the east. You could almost imagine you were at the beach.)

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