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» Monday, August 11, 2008
A Lawyer Walks into a Flashback...
I lucked out after making this statement last week:
I've also got some things to finish to make a few other cases, too, like the three McBride movies I've managed to cobble together into a collection (I keep missing them when they're on; I need to program the DVR to search for them, since I'd like to have all of them).
Hallmark is having a McBride week, so I should be able to get at least five of the movies.

I didn't realize there had been a new McBride film at the end of May. Hope to catch it in the reruns. [NB...oh, good! They're repeating it August 27!]

(Incidentally, recording these films makes me acutely aware of how many commercials they stuff into two hour slots these days. I remember when a two-hour television movie gave you 98- to 100-minutes of content. Last night's Tune In For Murder clocked in at about 82 minutes—almost forty minutes of commercials and they still have to smear advertisements at the bottom of the screen and crush the credits for more ads.)