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» Saturday, August 16, 2008
In, Really In
Yes, I am here. All I've really been doing is slogging my way through purchase orders. I only managed six in the past three days, which I find aggravating, but I have outdated quotations and I can't submit them that way. I did submit four advertisements, which are like essays and take a while to do. And lots and lots of e-mails explaining lots and lots of stuff I've already explained before.

At night we were either watching or recording McBride, but I have all of them now but the newest, Requiem, which I didn't know had been broadcast. Hope they repeat it soon. I'll use the Dish Pass to pick up any McBride movie and hope I'll get the right one eventually. Will need to dub off two, including the first one, which shows how he got Jesse (not to mention Phil as his partner).

Unfortunately we had a popup rain shower on Wednesday, so I'm probably missing a bit of Semper Fi. Drat.

Netflix has sent us about three e-mails apologizing about their e-mail processing system being down and if we hadn't received our next DVD. We actually have (it's the first disk of the first season of Waking the Dead), but we haven't had time to watch it.

Any other amusement has been provided by the bird feeder. This morning James was in the master bath, which overlooks the feeder, and saw a little nuthatch vainly searching each opening of the feeder for seeds. "I know there were seeds here yesterday!" Yes, and a small flotilla of birds, too: both types of nuthatches, the chickadees and sparrows and titmice, even the big red-headed woodpecker (I was on the phone with my supervisor at that point, looking through the Expedit across the dining room, and exclaimed, "Oh, there's the red-headed woodpecker!")

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