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» Thursday, August 07, 2008
Finished (?) At Last
Through dint of lunch yesterday and lunch today, plus all last night up to 11:30, I have finally finished the re-housing of my self-recorded DVDs, which have gone from taking up three shelves to two with a tiny bit of room left on that second shelf. They are all now either in slimline 2-DVD cases or 3-DVD cases, with two things using the 6-DVD cases I bought at Fry's last weekend. I can take the standard-size 2-DVD cases and donate them for someone else's use.

Some of the DVDs just went from one standard case to one slim-line case; this was easy: I just trimmed the covers down with my paper cutter. But the others that were incorporated into threes, or shifted about I had to retype new covers, sometimes changing spine designations. Plus every single change had to be entered into the Paradox database I have listing what's on each DVD and in which case, since it's not always evident from the spine (I have several cases labeled "Christmas Films," for example, so which one is Mercy Mission in?)

I've also got some things to finish to make a few other cases, too, like the three McBride movies I've managed to cobble together into a collection (I keep missing them when they're on; I need to program the DVR to search for them, since I'd like to have all of them).

I am noticing, looking at the DVDs, that at least two pair of 3-DVDs can be incorporated into 2 6-DVD cases, and possibly three more pairs. The 6-DVD cases are narrower than two 3-DVD cases by the width of a slimline, so this will save a bit more room. And several of the existing covers need retyping. But...that's for the future.