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» Thursday, August 28, 2008
The Dam is Broken
The logjam of orders is finally beginning to move. There are always emergency orders that come down, but as of now I am down to six: four still being advertised (three expire at close of business tomorrow), one is waiting on a change order adding funds, and one is waiting on the vendor to tell me if the quote I have is still good. The expiring three are for studies...not sure how many responses we are even going to get, besides one gentleman who has contacted me. I asked that people who might be interested contact me last Friday and I only received one response on one study.

In the meantime we have been resting up for DragonCon; after our deluge of rain it has gone back to summery temperatures again, of course, just in time for trucking between four hotels. James was off today and did all the shopping we usually do on weekends. I spent any spare minutes changing the bed and doing three loads of laundry. We also had to go out later so I could fill up on gasoline as we are suspending telecommuting for the next two weeks due to end of fiscal year, and I also needed to pick up a book I'd put on reserve at the library months ago (it's a brand-new biography of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle). We stopped at Publix to get something easy for supper as well, since James spent much of the late evening making roll-ups for our DragonCon lunches.

Previous to that we had watched the last segment on our latest Netflix acquisition, the second disk of the first season of Waking the Dead. Unfortunately this was the first part of a two-part story, and the next part is on the next disk, so we won't know what happens until sometime in the middle of next week. I also dubbed off the McBride film, Requiem, that we had missed earlier in the summer. This one wasn't quite as good as some of the previous ones, but still quite enjoyable.

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