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» Sunday, August 17, 2008
Creepy and Not Kooky
Just finished watching the final (as I understand the series is cancelled) episode of the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Very, very creepy story of an abductor/rapist and his abused wife who has been abused and forced into supporting his lifestyle. Because this is a Lynley story, you know there have to be more twists than that.

I started watching Lynley one of the times I had to stay with my mom after she had surgery. WSBE Channel 36 in Providence doesn't show the PBS Kids shows in the afternoon the way WPBA Atlanta does; instead they show British mysteries and dramas or Britcoms, with some cooking shows, and things like This Old House. All those programs were my respite in a house without cable television on long afternoons when my mom wasn't feeling well. I remember watching a Lynley drama about an Indian or Pakistani girl and The Lost Prince (not to mention endless reruns of CSI on WSBK-38).