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» Thursday, July 10, 2008
Whither the Weather and All That
It's cloudy out today so far, not overcast really, but the sun hidden behind big fluffy clouds, some with dark undersides. We've been having rainstorms every evening so that we have not been able to go out bike riding any time this week. It's actually a bit of a relief, as the air is like a pall and I find it hard to breathe when it's warm like that. The air is like a hot towel splotted on your face. Even a little cool breeze in the evenings would be such a relief, but it doesn't get cool around here after dark the way I remember it doing in California the two times I visited. I remember it being so chilly in Disneyland after dark that I had to put on a sweater. With the hot flashes now, though, my sweater days are long gone until it gets down into the fifties! :-)

Every time I go into the kitchen to get some water I see, along with the birds flocking at the feeder, yellow leaves swirling down in the fitful breeze outside. Yes, it's the dead of summer, the trees all green, but from somewhere at the tree tops there are yellow leaves being pulled free and gliding or fluttering down to the lawn. One golden-yellow leaf landed right on the deck, quite a contrast to the male cardinal who fluttered down a few minutes later to peck at sunflower seeds. But even the leaf is gone now, hurried along by the wind.