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» Saturday, July 26, 2008
Up in the Morning, Out in the Night
We were up early this morning to go to the Farmer's Market before the "Christmas in July" festivities began. We also had to buy something to take to Games Night tonight; we got a loaf of French bread to go along with dinner, but didn't see anything dessert-y, so drove down to the German bakery and got one hazelnut coffeecake and one raspberry one. It was very hard rising since my left eye was irritated and watering copiously; something I'm allergic to was making me miserable all morning. Then we...sigh...went to WalMart for the monthly/triweekly there. Needed the usual tortillas and things we could only get there. It actually wasn't too bad, so we must have gotten there before the Christmas rush. :-)

Arrived home to have a little lunch, put up the groceries, and wrap the nice round steaks I bought yesterday. You should see Willow when we perform this procedure: she stands as close as she can without us telling her to back off, eyes bright and expectant, ears erect, every fiber of her little body at attention!

James eventually went off to his meeting, and I tidied up a bit and sat solving the problem of the DVD recorder. We haven't been able to make it "see" the satellite signal. I was clicking through the stations it set when we did the automatic setup (only two), and decided to try putting it on Channel 3 again. I thought I had done this weeks ago, but either I did it incorrectly or didn't do it at all, because, whap, there's the satellite signal. I felt so silly! So I was able to transfer all the Tonight Show "Headlines" segments to disk from the DVR. It was odd because the picture was a little fuzzy, so I disconnected the cable that was in the "RF out" port...and nothing happened; it was when I disconnected the "RF in" cable that the satellite input disappeared...which follows—but when I connected the cable that had been in the "RF out" port to the "RF in" port, it worked again, only the picture was now clear. So I was getting feed from both places? How odd. I'd have to move the whole stand to find out which cable was connected to what.

Oh, well, at least it works. I need to copy some other things off as well, just in case the DVR dies again. Wish I had the Hugh Laurie interview I lost!

When James returned from his club meeting we were off to the Lawsons for Game Night. We ladies played several board/card games, including Chronology, Imagine-iff, Scattergories, and Finish Lines, while the guys tried out the new Wall-E game on the Xbox and then played James' new card game, "Fairy Haven." Jerry and Sue made macaroni for supper, rigatoni in both a tomato sauce and agli'olio, and some meatballs, and there was a tomato and lettuce salad as well. Spent the game time snacking on grapes. Eventually left the table after Imagine-iff, quite flushed by hot flashes. Came home and nipped down the air conditioning until I was comfortable again. Phyllis always jokes about hot flashes that "my inner child is playing with matches." Phooey. Mine has a blowtorch.

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