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» Friday, July 04, 2008
Ticking Down the Fourth
We're sitting watching the repeat broadcast of a A Capitol Fourth: fireworks over the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian, and Marines playing over at what looks like Arlington. We're trying to figure out where everything is taking place.

We had a great time talking and sharing our grill goodies, chips, fruit, and chocolate, and later on watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Poor Jessie wasn't feeling well, though, and spent about an hour curled up on the futon in the spare room. There were steak, brat, burger and chicken leftovers which Willow gobbled without a qualm and begged for more; for dessert she got to lick out the strawberry bowls. Schuyler let out an occasional scold, but she's not a social critter like Bandit or Pidgie were.

The party broke up about quarter to ten, just about the time the neighbors down the street started shooting off fireworks. They must have gone to Alabama or South Carolina, since they had Roman candles and other things not sold here. So as everyone drove off, James figured we should shoot off our small collection of Georgia-approved fireworks, and so we did, out on the driveway with me holding the hose, and the thunder of the finale of the fireworks on the Square providing background noise. Our fireworks were small, but colorful, with some crackers in the midst. In the middle of them I ran back upstairs, put CBS on, then hit pause on the DVR, so that after we finished setting them all off, we could come back in and watch the Boston Pops fireworks. Sheesh. They didn't even broadcast them in HD! But it was a great show, with a knockout finale. One set was completely blue and purple, another had fireworks that looked like waterfalls. During one of the sets the music sounded really familiar, because it was the theme song to John Adams. CBS is still showing too many crowd shots, and they move the camera too much. This isn't "shaky-cam theatre," guys. It's fireworks. Point the camera and leave it there. Gawd, I miss WCVB/A&E's old broadcast.

When that was over we cleaned up a bit, then I thought to check the schedule and that's how we ended up seeing the end of A Capitol Fourth.

[And now it's 12:15 and we're watching 3-2-1 Fireworks, a documentary about how the DC fireworks are manufactured and set up.]

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