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» Thursday, July 17, 2008
The Thursday Snooze
I'm in the office on a Thursday for the first time in over a year and it looks like the "Thursday afternoon slump" in computer response isn't confined totally to those of us teleworking. I booted up my computer after returning from class only to have it mosey indolently in view after about three minutes. Response time is lagged, keystrokes are jerky.

In case you were looking to get one of those "cushy jobs" as a Federal employee, you might want to look elsewhere. We walked into the building that the class was being held at and it smelled like sewage. This could have given low tide at the beach a run for its money. We were told two other buildings were in similar straits. The water fountains were all marked asking people not to drink the water. (Which begs the question: how about washing your hands and then eating something using your fingers, like a sandwich or a granola bar? I guess I'll find out, eh?) Class had barely started when a palmetto bug (that's Southern for "honkin' big roach"—this one resembled a small mouse in size) strolled across the floor. Someone stomped on it, but those suckers are strong; a little while later it disappeared and then was found ambling across the floor again before someone permanently ground it into the floor.

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