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» Tuesday, July 08, 2008
There Oughta Be a Law
Believe me, there is. There are many of them. :-)

I've spent the last two days in an Appropriations Law refresher class. I would have preferred to have been working on the pile of purchase orders I have (sixty at last count, plus the ones I've been assigned but told not to do since they're going to be transferred to someone else). But the class was only going to be scheduled at this time, so we all had to take it.

Much of it was bewildering, because they were saying we couldn't do things that I knew we weren't supposed to do anyway. Were there actually people out there who thought we could? But then I always am bewildered by people who deliberately do things wrong; it's my upbringing, I guess. I would no more pay for my daughter's wedding with a Government credit card (one of the actual cases!) than I would rob a bank.

Unfortunately, I find Appropriation Law rather soporific, and it it was to the instructor's credit that he made the class interesting. He reminded me quite a bit of David Clennon's portrayal of Lee Silver in From the Earth to the Moon—if he was teaching geology instead of law, I could easily see him leading an expedition into a canyon looking for "context." :-) In any case, I couldn't doze off in class if I had wanted to: I was sitting right next to my branch chief!

The only other non-remarkable thing about the past two days have been the annoying drivers I've run into. Monday morning I was sitting in the straight/right turn lane waiting for the light at South Cobb to change. The car behind me started beeping at me, evidently wanting to turn right. But I was going straight. So they cut around me and turned right from the left turn lane! On the way home ten hours later I was tailgated by a small SUV going through the exit at Brookwood; a very dangerous place to do so, since cars abruptly brake on the ramp and you don't want to be going too fast—I was almost rear-ended once at this same exit. This morning someone used the HOV—lane to pass me getting off the Brookwood ramp because I slowed down for the sharp curve. For cryin' out loud, guys, slow down already.

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