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» Thursday, July 10, 2008
Superb Television
We finished watching John Adams last night, although the disk is not yet back in the mail: we haven't yet watched the "Making of" special and the documentary about David McCullough. So I guess this means we can't start The Adams Chronicles until next week. This will be a totally different experience, I know, since it is a 1970s PBS production filmed (I believe) on videotape and done rather in a static manner like a 1970s BBC costume drama. No matter, the cast is good (George Grizzard as Adams, William Daniels as the adult John Quincy Adams, etc.) and I've wanted to see it for ages. After that, we have a queue of British mysteries coming, and some Disney stuff I haven't seen in ages, like Miracle of the White Stallions and Nikki, Wild Dog of the North.

Anyway, Adams was fabulous, and I'm almost thinking of getting us a copy. I have a $10 off coupon I can use if I can find it in Costco. Of course we knew what would happen in the final part, but couldn't help shedding a tear as first Abigail, then John succumbed to old age. I was very surprised at the surgery scene with daughter Nabby, as I had been led to believe it was very gruesome (and having seen some explicit things on HBO, thought they had played it up judging from the comments I read on the IMDb). It was simply implied, and I expect the imaginations of the viewers did the rest.

Thank God Netflix is working better than my work connection, which has been dragging through midmorning and early afternoon, and has now kicked me out, and when I log back on will not connect. This seems to be a chronic problem on Thursday afternoons. I may have to quit answering e-mail in the morning and save it till afternoon so I can work in ICE during the morning when it is functional.

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