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» Sunday, July 06, 2008
Sunday Shopping
Just groceries in the morning, nothing special: but when we left the house, the sky was greying ominously and it was thundering by the time we exited Kroger and raining by the time we got to BJs. It was "Georgia Monsoon Season" by the time we were walking the store and we got drenched as we loaded the car. Man, was that rain cold!

We put everything away and then just went out goofing off for a while: went to Borders, then to the mall to walk around. We also had to hit Radio Shack to get a new weather radio, since the summer tornado situation pretty much demands it, and visited the new, relocated Hallmark store. (They'll be busier next week, when the Ornament Premiere takes place.)

We're watching To Market, to Market, to Buy a Fat Pig, one of a series of Rick Sebak documentaries that air on PBS that are produced by the ubiquitous WQED in Pittsburgh. This one is about farmer's markets around the country and includes the DeKalb Farmers Market here in Atlanta. Sebak does these delightful shows about different aspects of Americana: he's done hot dogs (A Hot Dog Program), ice cream (An Ice Cream Show), classic amusement parks (Great Old Amusement Parks), flea markets (A Flea Market Documentary), the beach (Shore Things), sandwich shops (Sandwiches That You Will Like), unusual structures (A Program About Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside Stuff), and even final resting places (A Cemetery Special), plus a bunch of documentaries about Pittsburgh that PBS doesn't show, but I would love to see. Great stuff. I would have recorded the other ones that aired today (I have the ice cream, hot dog and amusement park ones on videotape courtesy of Big Lots), but the DVD recorder isn't set up properly and isn't getting a feed from the satellite box.

One thing I noticed today is that WBPA Atlanta on broadcast is in digital and widescreen, while the feed on Dish Network isn't. Get with the program, fellas...

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