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» Sunday, July 20, 2008
The Siren Song of Books and Other Shopping Stories
Out this morning, definitely not bright and early, to finish the shopping. I started on a sore throat last night and am still feeling a bit run-down this morning. We went to Trader Joe's for more chicken salad, then went by the Borders at the Avenue at West Cobb where I finally found the new Yankee (I really need to subscribe; and I keep saying that, don't I, every time I can't find it). Borders is having yet another $3.99/trade paperback and $5.99/hardback "hurt book" sale and, as always, they found me: three likely looking books in the remainder pile: a biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, a book of essays about children's authors, and a mystery set in 1920s British East Africa (Kenya). I also got a Victorian-era book called A Foreign Affair.

We finished up at Costco. I had a coupon for an HBO video set, so I bought John Adams, and of course the ubiquitous omeprazole. I am really upset to find out Costco has quit selling the soy isoflavones. They have something called a "menopause mixture" (or something like that) with soy isoflavones in it, but it also has black cohosh, and I have read that you shouldn't have black cohosh if you have heart problems. I'll either have to check the Costco at Town Center or go searching for smaller bottles in the drugstores again, dammit.

I am trying something new. We needed soap, so I bought Costco's French-milled vegetable-based soap. I understand that vegetable-based soaps do not leave soap scum. The French-milling is supposed to make the bar more solid. This soap also has some moisturizer in it. Since I take hot showers due to my arthritis, hopefully this will help my skin.

We spent part of the rest of the afternoon watching the end of Flyboys, a World War I-set film based on the exploits of the Lafayette Escadrille. Although several men were shot and one died in a flaming plane, this was a remarkably bloodless film. I kept waiting for the champagne bottle and Neville Sinclair. :-)

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