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» Saturday, July 19, 2008
Out and About...And About
We played it quiet last night since we were going to be so busy today, and certainly we needed the rest: we were up at the crack of 8:30 to go to the Farmer's Market before we had to go to Hair Day. We piled Neil's graduation gift and the pork and chicken barbecue we were bringing as the main dish into the car, perused the market quickly, buying more sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, a green pepper, potatoes, another loaf of French bread, a baklava ladyfinger for a dessert, and a homemade ham and cheese croissant as a breakfast for James. Then we were off to the Butlers' house for the usual tumult of Hair Day. Mel and Phyllis' son Robb, Robb's wife Kaycee, and their adorable little granddaughter Sophia were visiting.

About 2:30 we arrived home to put the barbecue away, then we went out again: to MicroCenter to get me a new mouse pad for the laptop, Linens'n'Things to spend a coupon, to Borders to spend another coupon, and then finally to Michael's to spend yet another coupon. At Microcenter I found a DVD set called "Hollywood Goes to War." It's rather a misnomer, because what it is are mostly documentaries narrated by famous actors or directed by famous directors. All but one of the Frank Capra documentaries in the "Why We Fight" series is here, plus a British film narrated by Peter Ustinov about the rise of Adolf Hitler. It has John Huston's "Battle of San Pietro" and "Report from the Aleutians" as well. The one fictional movie is Ronald Reagan's This is the Army. At Borders I found a gift for James and also found a book I have heard about for years, The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey, on the bargain table. It's supposed to be a mystery classic.

We got home to have a light supper, having enjoyed the barbecue, cucumber salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, and olives at Hair Day (not to mention a piece of Pat's birthday cake), and watched last night's Jeopardy and Monk. I had wondered how they were going to handle the death of Stanley Kamel, who played Monk's psychiatrist, Dr. Kroger, and it turned out they had Dr. Kroger die of a heart attack on the series as well, having Monk so unsettled by his death that he bought a house (and involved himself in a mystery). It was quite sensitive to the situation, yet provided a mystery, and, yay! we didn't get "stupid Randy" either.

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