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» Sunday, July 27, 2008
Mad Dogs and Italianwomen...
...are apparently the only ones out in the noonday sun; at least I was the only one about in our neighborhood a little while ago.

I got up not long after James left for work, cleaned the bathroom some, then dressed and went out for a paper, and then swung around to Costco, where I bought milk, cheese and juice. I tried to find a big box of Band-Aids, but they had none. James can grab some when he's off tomorrow and picks up his sugar-free pudding.

Instead of pulling the car in the garage when I got home, I just parked in the driveway, portaged everything inside, and swept out the garage, in the corners with the small broom, then the broad center with the push broom. It was 90°F out and I was glad that I was at least in the shade; I still came in soaking wet. If nothing else, it was great exercise.

Now I'm cooling down watching "The First Impact," the first part of Alistair Cooke's America.

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