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» Sunday, July 13, 2008
A Good Day to Tidy
Well, shucks, the sun was coming out—but the weather radar shows another line coming toward us, so we have just finished running to the store for a Sunday paper (and other things).

Rainy days are perfect for doing "what needs doing" inside, so that's what the early afternoon has turned into. I decided to finally take apart the big "memorial board" that my cousin Janice made for my mom's funeral. It's been sitting in the corner of my craft room getting bumped into each time I go to the window, so I unpinned all the photos, and even though they are photocopies from exisiting photos, still put them into a careful pile and collected all the thumbtacks into a small container, then folded the board in half. James said, "That's foam core board; it can be used again," so I presented it to him and he disappeared downstairs.

When he didn't come back up, I followed him downstairs with my latest project, a clear glass vase down which I had dripped yellow, red and orange glass paints to give it a fall motif, the copper "metallic shred" I bought yesterday at Hallmark, and some glass marbles at the bottom of the vase. I found him finally trying to alphabetize and properly shelve his paperback books, so as he worked I put some of the shred in the vase and then arranged in the vase the reason I had bought it: three autumn branches I bought over six months ago for about $1 each, so there is now a nice autumn bouquet on the end table. I'd also tossed his socks in the washer, so curled up on the papasan chair nursing my headache until they were ready to toss into the dryer, then came upstairs, which was when I checked the radar map and decided that this was a good time to go get the newspaper.

We went to Publix to turn in our plastic bags for recycling, and, since they had some staples as BOGO (buy one get one [free]), we picked some up. We have decided we really ought to have more staples in the house in case of emergencies and will buy extras whenever they are on sale or when we go shopping. That's why we installed wire shelves on the back of the coat closet downstairs. We added some instant mashed potatoes (which we usually don't eat, but would be okay for emergencies), two boxes of pasta, and some fruit cups.

We're also trying some of their sugar-free ice cream sandwiches since they don't carry the Blue Bunny sugarless ice cream bars; only Food Depot and WallyWorld carry them and we didn't feel like going to either place.

My, it's getting dark out there...

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