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» Monday, July 21, 2008
From Above
We're watching something on the Smithsonian Channel called Sky View: Fortress Britain. It's all about castles, beginning with the Roman fortifications and showing how castle design changed over the centuries. One of the first shown is Tintagel, alleged birthplace of King Arthur. I've known Tintagel for years in re-reading Mary Stewart's Merlin novels. Castles in England, Scotland and Wales are all shown. One of the "newer" castles shown was Fort George, built to subdue the Scots after the Battle of Culloden. It looks very much like Fort Ticonderoga in New York, but that's no wonder, as they are the same era. Wow! What views! All in HD!

This is from February, probably filmed last year. Many of the rivers are very low. Is there drought in Britain now? Everything else looks lush and green.