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» Saturday, July 05, 2008
Fresh to Order
They did have the Farmer's Market this morning despite all the celebration on the Square last night. We got two large, luscious-smelling tomatoes, four ears of corn (two white, two yellow), two cucumbers, and a red pepper, plus another baguette, and James had a homemade ham and cheese croissant for breakfast.

The baguettes come from a bakery that is down on Atlanta Road, so we decided to go looking for it. It's in the long, low concrete building that used to be a catering company, and is next door to a German deli named "Weinerz" which was rated as a best new food store in Atlanta. We bought salami, mild Italian sausage, some Polish brats, and "chicken cheese weiners with bacon," and then walked next door to the bakery and bought a treat for dessert, a chocolate croissant we will share.

We've left the chicken/cheddar weiners in the fridge for supper tomorrow night, which we will grill with two of the ears of corn according to a recipe in Cooks Illustrated.

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