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» Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Enter The Adams Family
Looks like Adams Chronicles, disc 1, is back in the Netflix queue (I really do wonder if someone damaged it and they had to get a new one, as the other parts have all been available); so when we finish with the last disk of Rosemary and Thyme's first series, we can be sent this miniseries next. Have done a little research on it and discovered that the first two parts are directed by Paul Bogart, who did The House Without a Christmas Tree, coincidental since Lisa Lucas (Addie of that film) plays young Nabby Adams in those episodes (adult Nabby is played by Katharine Houghton, Katharine Hepburn's niece) and Abigail Adams is played by Kathryn Walker, Addie's teacher. It must have been old home week on the Adams set during those episodes!

Next in the queue when the Adams family finally departs is Peter Davison's The Last Detective.