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» Sunday, July 27, 2008
DVD Afternoon
Watched a total of four America episodes: "Gone West," "Huddled Masses," and "The Promise Fulfilled and the Promise Broken." I had particularly wanted to see the latter again, as I am reading Frederick Lewis Allen's Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920s. This is a remarkably modern book considering it was written in 1931. Cooke talks about several of the same things that Allen does, including the siren song of saxophones and Bruce Barton.

Then I changed tacks and watched episodes of a series that I was sent by a friend. It hasn't been officially released, but it was broadcast and these episodes had been recorded and passed on. I'd love to have an official release, with the complete episodes (these are fairly complete, but lack the prologues that originally accompanied the network broadcasts). Of course since it would be a Universal release if it ever came to DVD, we couldn't expect any extras.

James was home on time, so we watched a couple of episodes of Futurama and then the final Foyle's War. Really disappointed to see these end already—but next week we get some new Inspector Lynley episodes.

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