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» Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Don't Drink the Water
Am I glad I'm teleworking the rest of the week. We had a storm last night, and lightning hit the water purification plant for the part of town that I work in. It will take 24 to 48 hours to "boot up" the system again and in the meantime the water is considered not even safe to shower with. They trucked in bottled water in my building, according to e-mail, and I suspect you'd even have to use it to wash your hands after using the restroom because you'd use them to eat.

Speaking of yesterday's storm, when I walked Willow this afternoon, I decided to rattle the water barrel to see how much had collected, since we had a pretty torrential downpour. It didn't slosh; I could barely move it! I opened up the top spigot and water ran out—the darn thing was completely full!

We need to get one of those soaker hoses pretty soon if one big downpour is going to fill the barrel like that. It holds 53 gallons—who knew that much rain would fall? I thought it would take weeks!

We can go out and get our tree now. :-)