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» Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Caught a glimpse of the female cowbird today; haven't seen them around this season, but I'm sure they're out there, tricking the other birds into raising their young. The downy woodpeckers have been back since I finally put some suet out again. I had to clean the feeder this afternoon because the rain had made the seeds stick inside. I gave it a good shake and a wipe-out, and I had barely put it back in place when a hungry titmouse flittered over and grabbed a seed before he noticed me and fled. A brown-headed nuthatch followed, however, and remained munching.

We watched the first disk of Rosemary and Thyme tonight. This isn't a "heavy" mystery series, very much the definition of "cozy." Laura Thyme and Rosemary Boxer are two fifty-ish women who have been dealt blows: Laura's husband left her for a twenty-something sylph and university botanist Rosemary has been made redundant. In the first adventure, they meet for the first time and solve the mystery of a friend of Rosemary's who is suffering from a painful skin disease—or is he? By the second episode, the women have teamed to start a gardening business. Although the mysteries are serious, the mood is light, and Pam Ferris and Felicity Kendal, as Laura and Rosemary, respectively, are delightful to watch; they look like they're having such fun with the roles. If you're a gardening fan, the settings are a plus: some of the most gorgeous gardens I've ever seen.

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