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» Saturday, July 05, 2008
After the Social Whirl
After yesterday's fun we played it quietly today. There was the Farmer's Market trip, then an "exciting" trip to Goodwill to donate the old microwave and the pendant lamp we replaced in the dining room. Then the usual visit to the hobby shop, a stop at Trader Joe's for more chicken salad, a visit to Borders (where I bought a copy of Rhys Bowen's new series starting with Her Royal Spyness and James found the soundtrack to John Adams), and finally Michaels for a new flagpole.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing with a pizza and the middle three episodes of John Adams. The recreations of the fashions of the French court in those days were quite startling, even if you have read about them. The people looked like marionettes! Still mesmerized by the performances and writing, and the details—interesting how they are even aging people's teeth!

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