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» Wednesday, June 04, 2008
You're Not Going to Believe This
The satellite box is dead.

We had a power blip; one of those minute things where the lights don't even go all the way off, but it shut off the television and the box, but the television came back on and the box didn't. I let it cool off about 20 minutes and then tried plugging it back in, even plugged it back in to another plug. Silence.

And, before you ask, yes, it is (or was) plugged into a surge suppressor.

[Update 06/07: Actually, I realized after calling up Dish that it was not a power blip. All the other appliances in the house that usually flash clocks at you when the power goes out were still working fine. Only the circuit the television/box/computer are on flashed. I think the satellite box "exploded" and caused the momentary dropout.]


[I find it interesting, incidentally, that this box "blew up" almost exactly the same time of day the other one did last week, except there was no power blip that day; it just turned itself off and quit working properly.]