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» Saturday, June 28, 2008
Well, almost. :-) We did go to the farmer's market on Marietta Square this morning, and decided to look around before buying the luscious tomatoes we saw on the first table. Well, by the time we got around (about 20 minutes), they were gone. Another stand had some less-likely looking tomatoes that would have ripened fine left on the windowsill—also gone. Live and learn. Next time we set the alarm for 8:30 and get there when they open at nine.

We did get one green pepper (neither of us can eat them without getting sick, but they give a nice flavor to chicken and pork cacciatore when cooked in the sauce), some really nice baseball-sized onions, a small jar of honey (we don't use that much, but our last jar was running out), a very small "ladyfinger" baklava for dessert tonight (we'll split it; just one taste was sweet enough), two organic chocolate cookies for another dessert, and a nice crusty loaf of French bread from a local bakery, which we used to make sandwiches with the Trader Joe's chicken salad when we got back home.

There was a gentleman there selling rain barrels and for $25 he also installs them. I think we are going to take up that offer. There's a rain barrel kit at Lowe's which is the same type barrel, except black and you have to install it yourself (although they give you the whole kit). All we would have to buy with this guy's unit is a couple of concrete blocks to put it on, and his comes with two spigots, one at the bottom and one at the top.

I really want the rain barrel now because someone was there selling Japanese maple saplings on behalf of the Boy Scouts. I really want a Japanese maple for our front yard. We can even name it "Tree San." :-)

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