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» Sunday, June 01, 2008
Tribute Cinema
We've taken an intermission after Twister—I've gathered the trash, swept the kitchen, put new towels in the bathroom (none on the floor yet since when I was sweeping in there earlier I spotted an ant; I immediately swabbed the floor down with white vinegar to destroy the scent trails, and splashed some on the doorstep to the deck as well, and have Northwest's phone number programmed into my phone for when they open tomorrow; they'll have to send Scott out early—probably an ant bed near the house foundation like there was last year). James has prepared the strawberries I bought for desserts for the rest of the week (he puts the overripe ones in the food processor with a little grape juice, then slices the rest and we will have them served plain, no shortcake, with a little whipped cream), started the dishwasher, and made tea and lunches.

And now we're having a tribute...raise a glass and toast Hedy...that's Hedley!...Lamarr!

Thanks for the laughs, Harvey.

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