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» Sunday, June 22, 2008
The Tacoma Bounce
(Well, we were in James' truck all afternoon. LOL.)

We started out the morning with a trip to Food Depot for sugar-free ice cream bars. We ended up hitting both Dollar General (next door) and Food Depot and bought a lot more than we needed than ice cream, including a likely looking round steak to cook on the grill to go with the ears of corn we need to eat. We did notice there is now a little post office station next to the Dollar General; probably only open weekdays but very useful.

After we had the ice cream safely stashed, we started the bounce bit:

• Publix to recycle the plastic shopping bags

• Goodwill to donate the old bicycle, lawn mower, and scanner; once James gets it out, we will also donate the second microwave which we can't use

• Kmart to look for converter boxes; like Sears at Cumberland Mall, they are all out—we again are told to call Tuesday or Thursday since that's when shipments come in

• Trader Joe's for the usual, including the delicious chicken salad; we also got some soy/pineapple marinade for the steak tonight

• Fuzziwig's for watermelon candy; I ration these by eating no more than one a day, but was almost out—the guy was very nice and took the bin down and helped me pick through the other flavors...if Jolly Rancher hadn't quit making the solo watermelon candy packages you could get in the supermarket, I wouldn't have to "graze"

• The other Sears that used to be a Kmart (you can tell because they still sell shampoo and books)—same story, down to the Tuesday and Thursday

• Home a different way so we could stop at MicroCenter and I could finally buy a tripod (I found myself staring at $30-$40 tripods and exclaiming, "But I don't want it to take the picture for me, I just want a plain one," and I did find one for $10); also got an organizer program, some rechargable batteries, and a 4GB flash drive

• Finally Costco for gas and home to read the paper

We are having a thunderstorm right now, of course as James gets the grill warmed up!

Just found out a book Madeleine L'Engle wrote in the 1940s but could not get published has been released! Very exciting!

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