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» Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Some Women Buy Shoes...
...I buy software. Yes, I was bad. I went out and bought myself a copy of WordPerfect Office X3, Student and Teacher Edition.

It's a win-win situation; I not only get WP13, but I get a new version of Paradox, too. WP OfficeX4, which just came out, doesn't have Paradox. It has Corel Visual Intelligence instead, to "[t]urn complex spreadsheets and databases into highly visual charts and graphs that are easy to interpret." Oh, yawn, make PowerPoint clone pages. ZZZZZ. PowerPoint, the curse of the universe.

(There was a pair of shoes in the June Brit edition of Country Living for £183. Three hundred sixty six dollars for a pair of shoes you'll have to throw out in a couple of years because they're worn out? Egads!)