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» Wednesday, June 11, 2008
"So Glad We Had This Time Together..."
Had to call up my insurance agent this morning on a non-critical matter and was surprised with an answering machine message saying they were in the process of merging with another agency. I asked him to call back and found out he's really leaving the insurance business to start a new job computer programming. He says the "mom-and-pop insurance offices" just don't succeed anymore and he's finally getting out.

I'm sad about this—this was the insurance agent I switched to when I moved to Atlanta (not realizing they were all the way across town from myself then; they're even further out now) and I was very fond of the whole bunch there. When I started there 20 years ago, my agent's father ran the business, his mother worked in the office, and they also had a super agent named Deborah who supported me through all sorts of miseries, including my car catching fire after Tune-Up Clinic botched a fuel filter change and the clothes dryer catching fire when the drum stopped rotating. I remember having to call Deborah about the car fire right after Merlin died, and she commiserated with me for some time although I know she probably had other things to do.

Everything went seamlessly passing from father to son and we've had no trouble (well, except for that house inspection thing that caused us to refinance to be able to put sidings on the house, and they weren't responsible for that). So it's a little depressing that this nice relationship is coming to an end.