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» Monday, June 23, 2008
A Smarter Smart
I hadn't intended to go see the Get Smart movie after what I heard about the script, but I've heard enough reviews from other series fans that I might just want to catch a matinee. Basically it says to just let go of the series and watch it "as is." If they had to get someone to play a new Maxwell Smart, Steve Carrell certainly fits the bill. And, since it's 2008, I expected the updates that included a more sexual tone (although I could still do without the bathroom humor they say abounds—what is it with bathroom humor lately; are all today's movie and television comedy written by fifth grade boys?).

Besides, it has Alan Arkin in it...

(Some folks on the Get Smart discussion group were a bit upset that Alan Arkin said he had never watched the series and did not watch any episodes to get a handle on playing the Chief. Frankly, I'm glad. For one thing, the Max/Chief dynamic is different in this film and it would be senseless to imitate Edward Platt's Chief. Second, when you imitate sometimes you end up doing the character a disservice...can anyone say "Dean Stockwell in McHale's Navy"? [Granted, that was a mess anyway, but Stockwell's imitation of Joe Flynn was too awful for words. And I like Dean Stockwell!])

Steve Carrell makes some very nice remarks about Don Adams in this interview: Get Smart Stars Tell All.

And here's CNN's review.

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