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» Thursday, June 12, 2008
Short Trip with Small Dogs
I needed to get gas today, so decided to try out Willow with the new harness we bought her for the car. I spread an old bath towel on the entire seat and then put the seat belt through the harness. Wil wasn't quite happy about being back there by herself, but she eventually lay down for most of the trip.

When we got to the gas station, I was astonished to be panhandled by at least two people! One guy told me he needed 75 cents so he and his son could take the bus and would pump my gas for the 75 cents. I said no and he got the money from someone else. It wouldn't have been so strange if I hadn't seen another man at the bus stop across the street with a big cooler. Granted, they could be taking the cooler on the bus, but it looked more like they were sitting there cadging money. Plus he told me he was trying to get to a Winn Dixie; we don't have Winn Dixies in Atlanta anymore!

Then a lady walked over and said that because something on her mother's van didn't indicate properly, she wasn't able to pump gas into the car properly and could I give her some money so she could get some gasoline. When I told her I didn't have any cash she said that was okay, I could just come over and use my card! Can you imagine the nerve?

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