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» Thursday, June 26, 2008
Raiders of the Slow Lunch
Grrrr. Both Sears and Kmart (since they're the same entity now) told us to call Tuesdays and Thursdays to see if there were new converter boxes in. I forgot to call Tuesday, but was happy at 10:30 this morning when Sears told me they had five converter boxes in stock. I specifically asked if they were out on the shelves. Yes, ma'am, I was told. And if I come there now they will be on the shelf for me to purchase. Yes, ma'am.

So I decide to take an early lunch, get into better clothing, run to Sears. Shelves are empty. Helpful clerk checks computer for me. "Yes, ma'am, the computer says they're in stock." "But I was told they were on the shelves not fifteen minutes ago." He looks a bit nonplussed and repeats, "They are in the computer," adding "We just had a delivery truck come in. They must have been on the truck and are checked in." He then did take down my phone number and offer to call me when they finally got shelved. I'm not holding my breath. Phooey.

I'm not angry because they told me they were in. I know the minute merchandise is offloaded from the truck, it is checked off and immediately shows up on the computer. What made me angry is that I specifically asked if they were on the shelf and I was told yes. Twice. This means the guy who answered the phone didn't even bother to get off his tush and actually check the shelf, which is about seven or eight steps from his telephone. Thanks for nothing, sport.

So the trip wasn't a total loss I went next door to Costco for omeprazole, since I'm completely out and would like to eat without being sick today, plus some loretadine, the milk, and James' cranberry grape juice. Unfortunately they had no decaf tea that I could find (I couldn't find tea, period, after walking all the aisles), so that goes back on my Walmart shopping list, which gets longer by the day. There are so many things we can find nowhere besides Walmart, like the carb countdown chocolate milk James likes and the low-carb whole wheat tortillas at a reasonable price.

So now I'll have to work through my lunch hour instead of having leftover pork chops accompanied by Rick Steves and finishing the laundry.

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