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» Saturday, June 07, 2008
Only Mad Dogs and Georgians... around in the noonday sun, but that's what we did today, despite the temp hitting 95°F, since James has to work tomorrow and we had to get all the shopping done today.

First we went to JoAnn. I wanted a light piece of fabric to put over Schuyler's cage in the car. The flannel cover we use at night is too heavy for a sunny ride. Since she is partially white we have to worry about sunburn and budgies aren't supposed to sit in the sun anyway. We also stopped by Costco for gas; not as crowded as you might expect, but still long lines.

Went to Harry's—hadn't been for quite a while, so went quite wild to find cherries and nice firm peaches. Bought some salad and Chinese pork slices for supper tomorrow, while James got barbecue brisket for his dinner at work. Of course, we stopped at the hobby shop. Rusty was telling us about their Memorial Day visit to Helen; gas prices had rendered any holiday crowd almost invisible. He and the family visited the Currahee Military Museum and Rusty ran up the mountain as the soldiers used to do in training.

Later we stopped at Borders, where I discovered to my delight that the "sheep mystery," Three Bags Full, is finally out in paperback. Discovered that the next Monk novel, Mr. Monk Goes to Outer Space, has been released as well, and there's a new Penderwick novel out, too. Cool.

And of course there was Costco and Kroger, and finally a chance to come home and cool off. We had stopped at the mall and hit Radio Shack before going to Costco, and came home with an antenna for the big television. No better reception on the big one than on the small one, but at least we could wheel that one back into the spare room and get it out of the way. We saw the news, then I put The Rocketeer on. I wish Disney would reissue this with a better print. It's really quite bad. Then pulled out the second season Hogan's Heroes set and watched one episode, then the extras on that set. Presently am listening to the radio interview Bob Crane did with Richard Dawson and Chad Everett right after the Hogan's Heroes pilot was filmed. Dawson sounds so odd. I know he affected a Cockney accent as Newkirk, but he doesn't even sound like he did on Family Feud. It's almost as if he's doing one of those fake American accents from Doctor Who.

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