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» Sunday, June 08, 2008
Having an "interesting time" with the laptop this afternoon. Yesterday we took it with us on our errands to make sure that it would connect with available wireless connections. We connected successfully with the Smyrna Library signal, and also to another signal at the hobby shop, although this one was so faint it would not actually work. I was worried that when we came home it might not reconnect to our own wireless connection, but it did so flawlessly and I was on chat with it or online with it all evening.

This afternoon has been another story. The signal is fine. The laptop sees the router. But when I try to get on, it has operating state as "associated with access point" and in connecting gets as far as "Renewing IP address," but stalls out and then quits at "Waiting for IP configuration." Since no one changed the IP configuration, don't know what's going on. When I click "help me fix this," it gives me an error 31 and states "The DHCP server on this network failed to respond to the request your system made for automatic IP address configuration." In the few minutes he had to talk, James was puzzled. He said he disabled the DHCP server and wasn't sure why it was asking that.

Well, beats me. I even contacted the Linksys Live Chat hoping they could help me, but when she directed me to an IP address in IE (the router's address?), there was a password on the system. James set this all up, so I don't know what he set it to. Oh, well. I was hoping to get by without bothering him tonight, since he won't get home till 9:30.

We did have one of those stupid one-second power blips early this morning, like we usually have on a Saturday or a Sunday morning (usually about eight o'clock. I'm wondering if that's mucked up the router somehow.