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» Thursday, June 26, 2008
New Things
We belong to this survey thing called "E-Rewards." We get notices of surveys via e-mails and take them. If we don't get kicked from the survey for not being appropriate, we get the full amount of money as a credit for E-Rewards (sometimes it's worth up to $30); otherwise we get a token amount like fifty cents or a dollar.

The E-Rewards themselves vary. We originally signed up because they give you $15 in "Borders Bucks," but you can only get the $15 once per year. Other prizes are percentage discounts at certain websites, magazine subscriptions, food coupons, Blockbuster coupons, and Frequent Flyer miles.

The one problem with it is that there is so much we are not interested in: foodie magazines or sports magazines, even one on telenovelas, and the coupons are usually to stores where I say "Who cares?" like ones for handbags. We're not sure if it is worth it to get the 1000 flyer many of these miles do you actually need to buy a ticket anyway? Plus if you have points saved up in January that you don't spend, on February 1 they take 80 percent of them away. This is how I ended up sending a subscription to a golf magazine to an online friend and why two of our friends got a subscription to Computer Shopper from James. We also got a Computer Shopper for ourselves as well as Smithsonian magazine, and a few months ago I subscribed to Hallmark Magazine as well.

Anyway, I've been watching the points rack up again, and noticed something halfway decent for a change: Woman's Day. Then I saw that TV Guide was available again. TV Guide is pretty much a dead loss these days, but I do buy it occasionally when they do a House article. It's worth what I will pay for it—nothing.

Also, I decided to sign us up for Netflix. Our first DVD is scheduled to arrive tomorrow: the first part of John Adams. After John Adams I have The Adams Chronicles in the queue, and have also popped a bunch of British mysteries in: Rosemary and Thyme with Felicity Kendal, the first two seasons of Waking the Dead, season one of Jeeves and Wooster, and Peter Davison's The Last Detective

Plus I loaded WordPerfect Office X3 on the desktop today...well, WordPerfect 13 at least, and Paradox 11, at least; not interested in Presentations or QuattroPro...and my online organizer and the new version of AVG Free as well, and downloaded the new version of AdAware to my laptop.

Temps over the weekend are supposed to only be mid to low 80s; maybe its time to sling the bikes in the trucks and take a try on the Silver Comet Trail...

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