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» Friday, June 13, 2008
Well, we're chilling out right now in the Sleep Inn in Owensboro, KY. It was a nice calm ride, except for Willow being anxious from home to Nashville. She was having trouble with the harness until we stopped at the Tennessee Welcome Center to adjust the seat belt, and then it went better for her. I think the plain junior hamburger from Wendy's helped, too. :-)

We were up about 6:30, having been woken by a combination of nature's call and the trash collectors. We "snuck" the rest of the luggage downstairs to no avail, for Willow had seen the suitcase last night and began panting and whining.

Schuyler, bless her heart, panted a bit as we loaded her cage into the backseat and belted it in, then fluffed and began to preen before we had gotten three miles. She spent the trip "arguing" with "Swing," the smaller of her two swings which she snuggles with occasionally, since it kept bumping her as she sat next to it.

We went to Chattanooga via I-75, then switched to I-24 heading for Nashville. We thought we might have some trouble here, as there were signs for a "burgaloo" going on at exit 127 and there were state troopers everywhere. But there was no slow traffic at all except for slight slowdowns in Chattanooga and bypassing Nashville.

From Nashville we rode I-65 to Bowling Green, then came up a lonely parkway to Owensboro. There was nothing much on the road except patches and patches of Queen Anne's Lace (wild carrot) on the verges, trees at the side, and miles upon miles of farmland, mostly growing corn. It was quiet and pleasant, but we'll make sure we have a full tank of gas before getting on that stretch again!

We ran into a few rainshowers between Bowling Green and the halfway point to Owensboro, even some lightning and thunder and pouring rain, but it was chiefly partly cloudy and not bad a drive; even the "mountain climbing" between Chattanooga and Nashville was pleasant. I noticed looking at the map that Bowling Green is quite close to Mammoth Cave; perhaps that will be a good trip some time. It looks as if it will be gorgeous up here in the fall and part of the route has antique shops, something called the Dairy Barn, and a vintage drugstore with a 1930s soda fountain.

All I know is it was a good thing that we mapped this out on Mapquest because the GPS unit seemed to intend us to go all the way up to I-65 to Louisville and then double back; our intended arrival time was 5 p.m. Well, no wonder! We actually got in about 2:10 our time (it's Central time here). Schuyler went into pant mode as we came in the room (the A/C was off and it was warm, but I placed her cage near my side of the bed and she fluffed and settled down and I just saw her preening. She's probably really sleepy since she sleeps in the late morning and the early afternoon, and this has thrown her schedule off.

But she has her "teevee" back and feels better now. Willow too has settled a bit, has had food and water and a "cookie" and actually went into the breakdown crate without being ordered (it is padded with an old bath sheet and a folded up fleece, with another old bath sheet over the top to make a cozy den for her).

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