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» Saturday, June 07, 2008
Jumping Into the Digital Age
Since we still have two "regular" (and perfectly good) televisions in the house that we don't intend to attach to cable connections, James sent for our converter coupons a month or so back and we received them recently. Since then we have been searching for suitable boxes, because James wanted to get the boxes that still received analog signals as well. It is only the larger stations that will be forced to convert to DVD next February; the small-signal stations will be allowed to continue for some time longer.

We found different brands of boxes at different places, but none of them were the boxes that also accepted analog signal. Finally, earlier this week, James went searching online and found that Sears/K-mart had a $50 box that also received analog signals. With the two $40 coupons, the boxes would be $20, plus tax.

Then he found something better: a company called has digital/analog boxes for $42.50. Shipping is a flat rate $10. So we ordered them, two for $15.

Be interesting to see how they work.