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» Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Joy in "Birdville"
Schuyler has her "teevee" back! She gave a contented tweedle and is busily preening rather than looking depressed.

Yeah, I spent my lunch hour setting up the satellite box.

It was delivered yesterday, but no one was here and UPS needed a signature. So I'm here working today. I was pissed yesterday because when I pulled into the driveway there was no box on the porch and no notice on the door, so I went inside and immediately called Dish Network as I clipped Willow's leash on and took her outside (ain't cell phones useful). Just as the rep came on the phone and I started to speak to him, I spotted a piece of paper on the other side of the driveway from the porch, about six feet behind the mailbox on the grass. It was the UPS notice!

I called up UPS and (mildly) gave them a piece of my mind. Of course they averred that their driver would never do that. It was very strange, though, since the notice was not only where it shouldn't be, but looked like someone had crumpled it up and torn the edge.

When the driver showed up with the box this morning I asked where he had left the notice. He said on the door, and that he hadn't left the box because it had looked like it was going to rain. (Better anyway; I wouldn't have wanted it sitting in the sun all that time.) I had my DVD from Amazon (If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium) delivered yesterday. What, did the mailman crumple it up and toss it? Weird.

Anyway, followed the setup instructions implicitly and still had to call up Dish for help. I was supposed to check the transponders first but it told me I wasn't getting any signal. Of course it was telling me that even after I started getting the little setup video onscreen, too. This lady tried all options with me and we finally got the software to download and the program guide to download and now all I had to do was mess with the channels again.

What the heck? The Sarah Jane Adventures are over already? Yeesh.