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» Thursday, June 05, 2008
In the Summer, When It Sizzles
I can't believe this. (Or actually I can.) It's only the beginning of June and we started straight low 90s all the way through next Tuesday (it was originally predicted as through next Sunday, but now it's lengthened). What miserable weather. I have got to replace the cracked bowl out on the deck so those poor birds can get some water. I won't even begrudge the squirrel some of it.

It was, surprisingly, almost nice when I went out there this morning to refill the feeder because there was a nice cool breeze and the sun was still behind the trees. But that soon palled; I went out at one o'clock during lunch and it was already like a griddle.

(I dashed over to Fred's to see a short CD "bookcase" that was on sale last week, possibly back to full price this week, but it wasn't all that expensive. If they had one and it was shorter and with less depth than the one we are presently using, I was going to get it, but although I did find the sign for it, the units themselves were not there. I did find small containers to hold pills in my wallet, which I have been looking for for ages. I just want to keep a few Prilosec in case I forget to take one before going out to eat and an emergency heart pill, and all I could ever find were bulky round or square things.)

We are trying out Willow in the new breakdown crate we bought for her. I put her foam bed inside it with her fleece, but to say we have to coax her in is an understatement. We lured her in last night with a dog biscuit (even "cookie" didn't delight her) and today I did the same thing, and also tried it with the leftover mandarin orange cup. She slinks in as if she is being punished, poor thing, even though I praise her and only keep her in there, right now, a few minutes. Tonight we need to let her stay in it while we are biking, so she will be used to staying in it for longer periods when we travel.

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