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» Friday, June 06, 2008
In the Doghouse
That's Dish Network, right now.

When the new satellite box died on Wednesday morning, the person I spoke to said it would be shipped that day and I would get it on Friday. She said Friday twice. Specifically.

The UPS guy had come so early on Tuesday that I got concerned early in the afternoon and called up Dish. The tech that answered the phone waffled on so much with "I'm sorry" that I asked to speak to a supervisor. I didn't get to the supervisor, but she came back with the news that she had spoke to a supervisor, they had looked up the package, and that yes, I should get it today. I did not, I'm afraid, ask for a tracking number.

::insert sound of crickets chirping::

About five o'clock I called UPS, just to ask how late deliveries came. He said the usual delivery hours are between nine and seven, but if the load had been particularly large, they would deliver as late as nine p.m.

At seven o'clock, after a frustrating ten minutes ordering a pizza for James to pick up (I swear the girl was on drugs; I had to repeat everything at least a half dozen times and in the end, they still got it wrong...we got a thick crust instead of a thin and they put cheese on my side of the pizza—to their credit, James said it was hotter inside the store than outside, where it was still 91°F and the employees were drenched in perspiration; I supposed I'd act drugged, too), I phoned Dish, where an employee spent fifteen minutes apologizing and looking up things. James arrived home. I asked to speak to the manager...again. When the rep said they couldn't find the tracking number, I turned the phone over to James.

Much wrath was then wroth. Turns out the tracking number they had found this afternoon was for the box that had "blown up" on Wednesday morning. They had the correct Return Authorization number, which said the unit had been shipped, but they couldn't find a tracking number for it. (I'm not surprised, since this is utterly typical of UPS anyway.)

The manager finally told James if we didn't get something tonight or tomorrow morning (????), to call back. You betcha.

I'm thiiiiiiiiiiis close to telling them to come get their damn dish and dead box (and give me back the $75 I paid for the worthless thing) and calling DirecTV (and you know how I feel about DirecTV...).