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» Monday, June 09, 2008
Evening Events
Well, I'm writing this on the laptop, which appears to be working again. For the moment.

If I had any idea why, I'd say so. I fiddled around with it from when I got home from work, tried this, that and the other thing. I set up something called VPN, which James said we don't have and which didn't work. I think I unhitched myself from the network at one point, then reattached. It's funny because it said it wasn't connected, but then it was, but the static IP address was gone. When I typed it in again, all of a sudden the internet connection was back.

The interesting thing is that now I can actually see the network, i.e. the other computers. Before this breakdown, I was connected to the Internet, but couldn't see the rest of the computers. If I tried to click on the network in Windows Explorer, it would lock up on me.

It's actually worked through one reboot, so who knows what will happen. Still don't know how it disconnected, and certainly not sure how it reconnected.

We have thunderstorms presently crawling up to the west of us; it sounds like the growl of perpetual artillery outside. James went out for a few minutes and says the lightning is constant and quite vivid. Willow is creeping around with wide eyes.

We've also discovered another difference between analog and digital channels: when you have a thunderstorm, the digital channels lose signal for a second just like satellite.

[11:10: Just came inside from being on the front porch watching the lightning show, which is all to our west—mostly sky illumination, but horizontal, vertical, and even squiggling bolts as well. There was a delightful breeze that at times had the flag and the spring banner bellied out like pennants on sailboats.]

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