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» Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Cool! Look What I Found!
Sadly, it seems like AMC will never do a legitmate release of Remember WENN. I was surprised to hear that they had turned down DVD companies who came to them asking to release the show! I can't figure out why they wouldn't take the opportunity to make some money out of an old property, since there are folks out there ready, willing and able to buy legitimate sets (which they are doing from at least half a dozen bootleg DVD outlets already). Very puzzling.

Anyway, if you miss the series, check this out:

Remember WENN: "On the Air"

If you click "More from User" at right, it appears this person has uploaded all the episodes. They are sized a bit small, but can be watched comfortably at double size in Windows Media Player. (I suspect upload speed might have something to do with the size. I remember it took me what seemed like years to upload three Lassie radio shows...and those were only 3MB!)